In the air, you will have the chance to experience the highest level of luxury, sophistication and convenience enjoying supreme comfort along your journey. Our highly trained cabin crew and our diverse ranges of on board services from full access to internet and telephone, to the finest foods and minibar will ensure you feel at home or in your office. While in the air, our passenger will experience the best contemporary cabin design and the latest inflight entertainment and communication technologies. 

Whether for a short flight or for a long voyage, our inflight system is unrivaled. Our catering team is chosen with care and trained to be the best in private jet catering to offer our passengers cuisine specially prepared to their own preferences. The food provided on Cedar Executive is of highest quality and taste and we are ready to meet your needs, no matter how special the request. 

Our cabin crew are not only trained to international hospitality standards, but also understand privacy and discretion principles and respect them. They are experts in anticipating your needs before and during each flight.