The Experience

Cedar Executive is a premium luxury affiliate company of Middle East Airlines, which is a provider of luxury private jets and the highly revered experience that comes with our service throughout the world.

From the start till the end, the aim of our entire process is to provide you with nothing short of a world class executive experience. Our ingrained passion for flying and meeting the expectations of the very luxury specific service we provide is the foundation of who we are. With Cedar Executive, you will be granted boundless access to our customer relations team who are available 24/7 around the clock, covering all time zones in the process. You can be certain that no matter where you are, we have you covered.

Flying without limitations with Cedar Executive is just that. The ability to travel anywhere in the world at any time, minus the restriction of changing flight times upon short notice. Whether you need to change your flight plan before take off or mid-flight, this is an excellent and spontaneous benefit of our service. In essence, we allow you to be the captain of your own schedule.


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Luxury without boundaries

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Before Flight

Affiliate company of Middle East Airlines – Air Liban, Cedar Executive has handpicked the best talent from the mother company Middle East Airlines – MEA, all of whom have an instilled passion for aviation …

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During Flight

In the air, you will have the chance to experience the highest level of luxury, sophistication and convenience enjoying supreme comfort along your journey. Our highly trained team…

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The Trip

With Cedar Executive, you can travel at your convenience with your choice of schedule and route. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, our aircraft can depart at any time and location that is convenient…

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Our Services

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The Experience

Our aim at Cedar Executive is to provide you with nothing short of a world class and blissful experience. Our ingrained passion for flying and meeting the expectations of the very luxury specific service we provide is…

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On Board Services

The luxury of flying in our private jets would not be complete without our on board dining experience. With our menu comprising of only the finest ingredients and suiting the needs of all diets and…

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The Legacy

Cedar Executive is a world recognised and certified private jet company. With our in depth knowledge and understanding of aviation regulations, we as a division of Middle East Airlines are able to maintain and…

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The Lounge

Upon arrival and prior to boarding, you will be welcomed and treated to our luxury lounge where you will have granted access to a wide variety of food and beverages during your short and enjoyable wait whilst we…

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Quality Policy

The safety of our clients and quality of our aircraft is our number one priority. Cedar Executive is adamant in being a consistent and reliable luxury private jet company with regards to all aspects of Safety, Quality, and Security…

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The Team

With our highly trained team working around the clock as one force, we are able to ensure that your experience is nothing short of bliss. From our pilots to our flight attendants, our team are hand-picked in…

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We ensure a world class experience and ultimate flexibility.

Flying with us is not only a unique and tailored travel experience, but also an adventure. Travel across the globe and see all the beauties and wonders that your eyes desire from the comfort and luxury of our private jets. It is our goal to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

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